Lindsay and Tim's Mount Tremper Arts Wedding in the Heart of the Catskills

This Mount Tremper Arts wedding was a hot one and SUCH a beautiful one! Getting married during a heat wave in the Catskills wasn’t in the plans, but the bride was so easy-going about it, “It’s summer, it’s hot”, were her words as she was getting ready and with that comment, I knew that we were in for an amazing day! Being willing to roll with anything truly makes space for amazing things to happen and wonderful memories to be created! This wedding was filled to the brim with unique and special moments and was planned to perfection (shout out to Lauren Pasternack for said perfection!). From the bride not carrying a bouquet, but instead wearing a floral hairpiece, the groom skipping wearing a tie, having a tarot card reader at the reception, being serenaded by most of your family and then your brother, brought weddings toasts to an entirely new level! Everyone was smiling ear to ear, filled with laughter and having an absolute amazing time celebrating with this lovely couple! Take a peek, enjoy, and here’s to many amazing years together for Lindsay and Matt!

Thank you to everyone who made this Mount Tremper Arts Wedding beyond perfect!

Venue: Mount Tremper Arts

Catering: Hunt and Harvest

Planning: Lauren Pasternak

Florals: Dark and Diamond

HMU: Le Shag Weddings

Bar: 13th Street Cocktails

Band: The National Reserve

nicole mattoon