Album Love - Lux Edition

When a client of mine arrived with her grandparents’ wedding album wrapped in her arms, the edges worn, pages loose and falling out, it hit me instantly that every grandchild should have the opportunity to look at their grandparents’ wedding album. EVERY SINGLE ONE!

That means getting your images in print, gorgeous print, not having them saved somewhere on a hard drive or backed up online. 

This began the search for the perfect album company. I found them quite some time ago and was smitten from the second I opened the box. I myself was hugging this sample album, I loved it so much. It doesn't even have photos of me in it! That was my clue that THIS was the right one. If I was hugging a book, with photos of other people inside, I knew my clients would love it even more with photos of themselves inside. 

This is the lux version of our album! 10"x10", lux linen, thick pages, deep matte paper, 14 spreads, debossed cover and canvas cover pouch. It's stunning and it will be beautiful for years to come, so you can enjoy it now and, someday, your grandchild will get to love it just as I saw that bride-to-be loving her grandparents’ album that afternoon. 

nicole mattoon