Anniversary Session with Olivia and Michael at TroyBNB

Anniversary Session, Troy, New York

When your first wedding anniversary rolls around and you’ve become friends with your wedding photographer, you’d better hit them up for an anniversary session at a cute little spot, because it’s your anniversary and SPECIAL MOMENTS MATTER! Memories are so important to create and to preserve. Being able to drink wine, beer, and laugh your tails off as you celebrate one (official) year together, is a big accomplishment and deserves some tangible memories! SO….here they are!!!

PSA: This location, OMG. I’m getting married this summer (ah, the cat is officially out of the bag) and THIS AMAZING Airbnb is where we are getting ready! If you’re getting married in Troy, NY - you should absolutely check this spot out for your getting ready as well. It is in a gorgeous location, fronted by a cobblestone street, cornered by a private park, filled with AMAZING light, details and beauty that you aren’t going to find in any hotel. So again, Troy weddings, GET READY HERE!!! TRUST ME!!!!

nicole mattoon