Bri and Chris's Brooklyn Engagement Session

Brooklyn, New York Engagement Photos

A graphic designer and musician invited me to join them in their cute neighborhood for this awesome Brooklyn, New York engagement session. Sounds idyllic, right? Well... it was! We hit up a local park, two of their favorite bars, a couple of front porches (thanks to whom ever owns those!), some great seemingly abandoned side streets, the awesome rooftop at their apartment and of course their subway stop to capture some true-to-them photos to celebrate their engagement. We had a great time wandering the streets of Brooklyn together and chatting about their upcoming wedding at Gedney Farm in the spring. They were both adorable, funny, filled with life and clearly excited for what the future has in store! I'm so elated to be part of their journey and am thrilled to be able to share their engagement photos with you! 

nicole mattoon