Jess and Dustin's Brooklyn Wedding

Brooklyn, New York

I’m so so excited to share this Brooklyn wedding with you! It was one of the ones I was most excited for this year because of how it came to be! I met Dustin’s sister, Ashley a few years back at a client meeting and she softly mentioned that she made cakes. The mention was SO soft, that I thought she maybe made 1 or 2 cakes each year and didn’t give it much attention, but thankfully I asked if she had an Instagram for her business and HOLY SMOKES, was I incorrect! Ha! She makes CAKES. Amazing ones. Beautiful ones and SO many! Fast forward a year to my wedding and of course, we asked Ashley to make a vegan cake for us. Fast forward again and she tells me that her brother is getting married and I had to be there. I emailed with Jess, Dustin’s fiancee at the time and I was instantly smitten and so excited to meet them and see all of the details that I’d only heard about, come to life. Well, let me tell you, they did not disappoint! First off, they planned a brunch Brooklyn wedding, with fall colors, a super unique dress, stunning flowers and an arbor to be reckoned with! Every detail was so ‘them’. It was perfect! As a huge bonus, after the brunch and before their after-party, we had 90 minutes to explore the streets, subways and canals of Brooklyn which made for some amazing photos and of course allowed them to quietly chat as we walked and spend some newly-married moments together. Cheers to Jess and Dustin and to many happy years together!

PS: A note about the tattoos you’ll see; one is in memory of their pup, Cairo who sadly passed away and the other is in memory of Dustin’s grandpa Buzz; it is of the USS Bergall - 320 submarine he was in during Korean War.

How they met, by Jess: We met in 2014, like a true millennial couple on OKcupid. Dustin was the only guy I messaged first, mostly for the pictures he had with his sister’s dogs! We had our first date at a brooklyn bar and split a mac and cheese with 2 forks. I definitely knew on our first date that this was going to be something really big! He kissed me on our first date outside of the subway station :) We made plans for our second date right away, and the weekend in between my best friend (and maid of honor) Sam was visiting me in NYC for the first time since I’d moved there 3 years earlier. On the subway after picking her up at the airport, all I could talk about was this guy I went on a first date with and showed her his picture. She knew he was exactly my type. On her last day in the city, we went to Williamsburg, and Dustin also happened to be in that neighborhood that day for brunch. Sam recognized him before I did on a random street, and after his brunch he texted me to come meet us! So on our 1.5 date, he hung out with me and my best friend for a few hours. Her opinion matters to me the most, so it was truly fate that that happened!

A special shout out to all of the vendors who made this Brooklyn wedding, perfect!

Venue and Catering: Frankies Sputino

Cake: Sugar Lane Cake Shop

Dress: BHLDN

Hair/Makeup: Felicia Tricome

Flowers: Rebecca Shepard

nicole mattoon