Jessica and Andrew's Canfield Casino Wedding

Canfield Casino Wedding, Saratoga New York

Andrew and Jessica met randomly at a bar in Tampa, FL in 2013, their first 'date' consisted of an 80's themed birthday party at a rollerskating rink, followed by a mud run, and the official date-date, dinner (at Panera Bread, of all places!) and a movie (G.I Joe Rise of the Cobra)! They ended up going on many more amazing adventures after that first date, the best of which was Andrew proposing to Jessica on the Amalfi Coast of Italy and then planning their beautiful Canfield Casino wedding in Saratoga, NY. They married on Travers Day and cutely incorporated that into their favors by giving everyone a race ticket and announcing the winner, mid reception. With a final and amazing surprise, Jessica flew Andrew's favorite local singer that they often go listen to when they're home in Florida up to Saratoga to preform their first dance song. He was shocked to say the least and it kicked off such a great party! 

nicole mattoon