Jazmine and Greg's Liberty Hotel Wedding in Boston

Liberty Hotel, Boston Wedding

This Liberty Hotel wedding in Boston Massachusetts is one of the most important weddings I've been lucky enough to photograph. Last year as I was scrolling through facebook (which is not an activity I do very often), I came upon this video, watched it with tears in my eyes and knew instantly that I had to find this couple. I rewatched the video, wrote down Greg's name and got to googling (you can and should, check him out, here). I reached out to them that day and thankfully they didn't ignore my rather stalker-esque email and I was lucky enough, to soon after, become their wedding photographer.

As long as this story is, the short story is that Greg served our country in the United States Army in Afghanistan and was severely injured by a roadside bomb; losing both of his legs and nearly his right arm. It was a long road to recovery and as much as you might think such a life altering injury would change a persons plans, they didn't change his. He had wanted to attend graduate school and go into the medical field and in doing so, he met Jazmine. She entered Greg's life in an intro to Psychology class and during their wedding ceremony, as Father noted, she displayed such a grace toward Greg, as well as others, that is truly unique and that made a big impression on Greg and to those who get to see them together. She is absolutely loved by all and you'll see in her getting ready photos that she had both of her sisters and cousin crying and laughing at the same time all while somehow keeping herself together and looking radiant. Their wedding was filled with family, friends, and lots of laughter (special thanks to Greg's brother Steve for his intro joke during the toasts!) and so much hope for the future. 

We were heading inside after taking some portraits and Jazmine and Greg both graciously thanked me for being there. This quickly led to me saying to Greg, "When it comes to military service, I want to say thank you, but saying 'thank you' simply never feels like enough.". His reply was a huge life lesson for me. He said "It's the actions.". He's right. What a simple statement and simple truth. Your actions communicate your thanks more than your voice or words ever could. It's not too often that I learn a life lesson at a wedding, but it happened at this one.

Here's to Jazmine and Greg's future. To being humble towards others, going out of your way for them and offering them actions, as a way to show them love and as a way to say thank you. Thank you both for having me, for allowing me to capture such an important day. And lastly, thank you Greg for your service to our country and for teaching me such a beautiful life lesson. 


Thanks to all of the wonderful vendors who made this Liberty Hotel Boston wedding absolutely perfect! 

Venue: The Liberty Hotel

Flowers: Etsy (and SO SO cute!)

Dress: David's Bridal 

DJ: Benny Goodman

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