Kim and Tim's Minnewaska State Park Couples Session

Minnewaska State Park Couples Session

We hopped in the car for a partial day adventure for this Minnewaska State Park couples session. We underestimated the traffic and over estimated the temperature, but of course, as soon as these two were in each others arms, no matter what the wind chill was, magic happened! They've been together for 15 Christmases now, as Kim tells me they measure it by, and given that, I thought it would be wonderful if she could share her own story and her own experience with you. Thankfully she was willing and with that, I give you Kim...  

"He is my home. I’ve called him that since falling in love with him 15 years ago. He is the door I fling open to share my greatest joys, my safe shelter when I am weary or distraught, and the one place I can just be me. 

Of course, we’ve reconfigured our home as we’ve grown, built walls from time to time and then torn them down together, always deciding an open concept is our best design. But, no matter how we rework our structure, he is where my heart lives and thrives. 

Just after these images were captured, I read the novel A Man Called Ove by Fredrick Backman. This passage within truly struck me: 

“Loving someone is like moving into a house,” Sonja used to say. “At first you fall in love with all the new things, amazed every morning that all this belongs to you, as if fearing that someone would suddenly come rushing in through the door to explain that a terrible mistake had been made, you weren’t actually supposed to live in a wonderful place like this. 

Then over the years the walls become weathered, the wood splinters here and there, and you start to love that house not so much because of all its perfection, but rather for its imperfections. You get to know all the nooks and crannies. How to avoid getting the key caught in the lock when it’s cold outside. Which of the floorboards flex slightly when one steps on them or exactly how to open the wardrobe doors without them creaking. These are the little secrets that make it your home.”

Whether home is idealistically defined as a place of perfection by my smitten young self, or a weathered and worn storybook metaphor we’ve grown into over time, our rock solid foundation is the greatest love ... with lots of precious little secrets that make it perfectly our own." 


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