Rocky Mountains - Boulder Colorado

Boulder, Colorado

Something you don't pass up on when you're in town to photograph a Colorado wedding is being you yourself being photographed in front of the Rocky Mountains at a beautiful overlook as you drive into Boulder Colorado. It was a last minute idea, I had nothing to wear for it, and nobody to photograph it, however, I had my brother with me and he's game for anything, so we made a deal. We stop at the closest store, spend 10 minutes tops finding an outfit and if that is a success, he will take his first professional photographs with me attempting to help from the other side of the lens. Well, the outfit was easy, so we drove back to the spot we'd found, I changed clothes in the car, took a few test shots to get the settings right and tossed him the camera and said "ok, here you go, do your best!". I climbed over the fence and into the field and was yelling directions and ideas at him as he was shooting. Yep, stop for one second and imagine that scene. The laughter involved was so great, as I'm sure you can imagine, as was getting to see my brother just go for it. We wrapped up pretty fast, I climbed back over the fence, tossed the camera back into the bag, hopped into the car and we left. I didn't look too much at the photos until later and I was crazy impressed - not bad for your first time, under pressure from your big sis and having directions and ideas yelled at you the entire time. Thanks little bro, you did great and I love them. 

nicole mattoon