Alyssa and Nathan's Schenectady Wedding

Schenectady, New York

I love this couple and I loved their amazing wedding day! Take a peek at their engagement session and have a read below about how they met; you’ll adore them just as much as I do! A special and unique thing to note, when you get to their ceremony, you’ll notice a pair of converse shoes, they are present in memory of the ‘9th guy’ who was sadly missing from this group of friends as he passed away a number of years ago. Seeing them walk out with the shoes in hand and set them in place in line was such a beautiful nod to their friend and a testiment to what a great group of ‘brothers’ these guys are. If you aren’t tearing up already, you will!! Go peek at this amazing day and here’s to Alyssa and Nathan!

How they met, by Alyssa: Our love story begins on September 22nd, 2013. We both were attending our first NFL game at Met Life stadium. We both got on a Brown Coach bus to head to the stadium with separate small groups of friends. No connection to each other whatsoever.
Once we are at the stadium tailgating we definitely steal a few glances of each other. Nate is the first to approach me and tells me that I am gorgeous. I blush thank him and walk away!
We both enjoy the game with our friends and don’t interact again until we are back on the bus heading home. Nate stops to talk to me on his way to the back of the bus, asks me my name and then heads back to his friends. He then finds me on Facebook a few days later.
We go back and forth on Facebook for awhile and then eventually have our first date. We were easy. We got along great, never had an awkward pause and we could both feel the chemistry. Our relationship continued to grow and we spent more and more time together. Met each other’s friends and families, took trips together, laughed and cried together.
In February of 2018 we took a vacation to Mexico. On Valentine’s Day we happen to plan a trip to the Mayan ruin Coba. We climb to the very top, on the hottest day, 137 feet up. At the very top Nate asks me to marry him! I honestly can’t picture anything better, the best day of my life.
Our wedding day was just as magical though!

nicole mattoon