Rachel and Josh's Summer Greywacke Meadows Wedding

Greywacke Meadows, Upstate New York

This Greywacke Meadows wedding was filled with amazing personal moments! The bride’s dad was the officiant and delivered some amazing words of love and advice that will lead this couple on a beautiful journey together. The bride, Rachel, also shared a very personal moment with her mom and gifted her a surprise corsage in memory of her grandmother and to have a visual way to show that she was with them throughout the wedding. As Rachel was getting ready, it was mentioned that she’d hoped it would rain… well, the skies were blue and things were lovely, but just as she walked down the aisle, the rain started to fall, so she got her touch of good luck, a quick race inside, and a great example of being flexible, all at the same time! The night wrapped up with a quick venture for their portraits and let me just say… blue hour sparklers with just the two of you, are where it is at! Here’s to the happy couple and many long and beautiful years together!

THEIR STORY, from Rachel: When josh and I first met, we were riding the high school bus. We were 14 and 15, and we became friends pretty quickly after bonding over our love for Notre-Dame. We became good friends throughout the rest of high school, and into college. The whole time, I knew he had a crush on me, but I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, and continued to be good friends. We talked on the phone, FaceTime and text once I went away to college. When I came home from college for Thanksgiving break, he took me out for ice cream, and that’s when I believe I started to see him as more than just a friend. I went back to college, and we continued to talk until I came home for Christmas break, but he didn’t know I had developed feelings for him back. We went to dinner and the movies, and continued talking more about our lives and where we saw ourselves after college. Everything was good until I went out on a date with another guy, and that’s when I realized how much I liked josh, and I had to tell him. I asked him to get food with me right after my date, and he agreed, so we met at McDonald’s, the only place open at midnight, and talked for 3 hours. After that, we were inseparable! We made things official two weeks later, and got engaged a year and a half later in Lake George.

Thank you to all of the vendors who made this Greywacke Meadows wedding absolutely perfect!

Venue: Greywacke Meadows

Catering: Classic Crust

Florals: Party with Mia

Dress: Angelas Bridal

Video: Gardenhouse Films

DJ: Superfly Sounds

Hair/Makeup: The brides sisters!

nicole mattoon