Skylar and Dan's Upstate New York Wedding Vow Renewal

Upstate New York Wedding Vow Renewal 

Skylar and Dan have been married for 18 months and are crazy in love, so it only made sense that we meet back up for an upstate new york wedding vow renewal to celebrate! We found the perfect field on a mild winter morning; she wore a gorgeous wedding dress from Lily Saratoga and reached out to her wedding florist, one of our favorites, Samantha Nass and asked for an incredible bouquet.  All of these pieces came together and created absolute perfection! The only thing more perfect were their vows. Skylar remade her wedding day a bit and wrote them on the fly, Dan also like his wedding day, came with a full set of vows, that rhymed! ready to go! They were beautiful and I'm pretty sure I teared up more than they did during them! These two have a beautiful connection and I was crazy lucky to capture it the first time and even more so for the second! xo

nicole mattoon