Jen and Michael's Summer Wedding on the St. Lawrence River

St. Lawrence River, Ogdensburg, New York

This wedding on the St. Lawrence River deserves it’s own book to tell all of the sweet stories and detail that went into it. Michael’s dad was an icon to the town that hosted their wedding, he made an impact on so many lives and they wanted to celebrate him and did that by inviting nearly the whole town to celebrate and keeping him in mind during so many parts of the day. That was just the first display of how much family and friends meant to them, having the wedding in this very special town. The second display was as the cocktail hour unfold and having both Jen and Michael ask me (SO POLITELY!) to take ‘just one more’ group photo of them and their family and friends. They gathered group after group and you could tell it was so important to them that these people were in attendance, that they felt important and that they’d be remembered via photos together. Here’s to more of that. More value placed on those around you and impacting others in positive ways and to many crazy-happy years for Jen and Michael! ! Jen tells their story so well, you don’t want to miss it and it will make you adore them just as much as I do!

THEIR STORY, from Jen: It was a Thursday. Jennifer was out to dinner with some girlfriends at a place named “Carpe Diem.” Michael had just come off the road from 3 weeks of traveling for work and decided to stop in for a drink. Both Jen and Michael were happily living the single life not interested in getting into a relationship. After dinner Jen and her friends went to the bar area in the restaurant for to have a drink. While at the bar waiting to order Jen’s friend began chatting with Michael. He introduced himself stating that his name was “Michael Luckie.” In disbelief that his actual last name was “Luckie” she immediately said you are lying lol. Michael whipped out his ID to prove that his last name was in fact Luckie. She looked at his ID she realized he was not lying and showed Jen who was standing next to her. As Jen looked at the ID she noticed his age she immediately called him a “baby” because he was younger. “I am an old soul” he retorted, yeah ok, for sure with an eye role. For the rest of the evening Jen and Michael kept talking. By the end of the night Michael and Jen exchanged numbers both going on their way home to their perspective residences. Over the coming days Jen and Michael spoke regularly and went out a few times both still internally fighting the urge to admit that they were interested. The following week Jen was going on vacation to Brazil but could not shake this urge to speak to Michael. It was just something about him that she could not explain and the feeling was mutual on his end. How could this be happening? They both have no interest in getting involved with someone yet they both could not pull themselves away from each other’s company. Within 3 months they had moved in together and within 8 months they bought a place together. It was hard to believe they had been together less than a year; everyone saw how in sync they were. Just over a year after meeting they were engaged marrying the following year with the rest being history. And oh yeah BTW he is totally an old soul.

Thank you to the amazing vendors who made this wedding on the St. Lawrence River, spectacular!

Venue: The Gran-view

Band: Jazz Trio - cocktail hour

Band: Six Foot Midget Band - reception

Florals: Perennial Events

Videography: Railroad Productions

nicole mattoon